last updated: june 2nd, 2024

welcome to wolfsite! this is where I publish things that I have created, or talk about things that I am interested in. I created this website so that I can express myself without pressure from others and without the limitations of social media. I believe that as an online community, it is much healthier without profit driven companies snuffing out freedom of expression and long form content. better online relationships start with one-on-one conversations and interactions. my hope is that my website will help promote this!

thanks for stopping by my corner of the web!

my main topics of discussion are my current hyperfixations, and I first started this site talking about undertale and deltarune. I also created this website so that I can share things that I make, such as drawings and writing. when I joined neocities in november of 2022, I had no prior knowledge of html, so all of what you see here has been self-taught through trial and error. I've gotten to the point that I can create all of a basic format from scratch, so these pages are all made by me! this is also one of many versions of this website, so the format is likely to fluctuate over time. I may display old versions of the site on a webpage at some point in the future when I get around to it. for now I hope you enjoy my digital realm.

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