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In general, I'm a big fan of indie rpgs, 80s/90s horror, cannibalism media, furry comics/zines, and bizzare mixed media art. my interests come in bursts, so there are times where I'm talking about one thing more than others.*

* current obsessions: dungeon meshi and nbc hannibal! I have a bunch more interests but these are the ones that I'm fixating on right now :3

discord / telegram: mothdragon

I'm also a furry / generally a big loser nerd and have attended multiple conventions. If you see me I may struggle with making conversation, but I love when people say hello, so don't feel discouraged!

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FCMf3acd A++++ C+ D++ H+ M- P++ R- T+++ W Z Sp# RL- a- c++ m/n # e- f++ h# iwf+++ j p++ s#