What is Death Note?

Death Note is a manga series and anime that follows the story of a high school student named Light Yagami. (I'm not familiar with the manga yet, so this plot synopsis comes from the anime series). It begins with the introduction of a powerful item called the Death Note, which was dropped into the human realm by a Shinigami, god of death. It is soon revealed to Light that the notebook holds the ability to kill anyone remotely, with just a name and a face, simply by writing their name in the book. Hell-bent on making the world a better place, Light takes it into his hands to execute those convicted of crimes, believing it is his devine right to rule over this new world.

What's so cool about it?

I really enjoy the premise of this series, as it focuses on the mind games played between the two main characters, Light Yagami and L. The whole relationship is very reminiscent of NBC's Hannibal to me, although they are more of equals than Will and Hannibal. I also enjoy that even though this series has supernatural elements, it still feels quite grounded in reality, especially with the process of deduction surrounding the function of the notebook. Even though it has unearthly powers, it still has its limits.

Another thing I love is the characters!!

An essential part of having an engaging story is having interesting characters, even if the characters aren't very likable. Light as a character is a very messed up person, however it is very interesting to see his descent into madness, with every sacrifise and lie that he pushes. Seeing how far he can keep it up is a main driving force of the narrative. I'd also like to put it out their for no reason but my own interest that Light looks a lot like me. When I had short hair I looked exactly like him, and I'm currently the same height and weight. Crazy. Anyways...
With L's character, he is presented as a very comfortable and odd guy. I'm not sure how he comes across to others, but to me as an autistic person, it is very comforting to see such traits portrayed in media with a good character. In a lot of ways I relate to him, and in others I just really enjoy seeing him in the story. His design is also just very cool! I might have a little crush on him so heh. Goes to show he's pretty likable.
With Misa, she was a really likable character too! I love her whole style and attitude, and Light had no right to be so awful to her even if she was pushing herself on him. Finally, another one of my favorites, Matsuda! He is such a cheery and silly guy, and even though he is a bit naive, he tries his best and is generally just an all around great guy. I think it's cool that he got his own episode.